The sustainable synergy between man and nature

Arcadia produces only high quality almonds.
Our almond groves are found in the countryside of Manfredonia, in Puglia.
We are small producers, for us the quality of the fruit goes hand in hand with respect for the environment

Our organic almonds

Filippo Cea ALMONDS.
Pride of Puglia

Arcadia’s goal is to enhance the indigenous cultivars. The Filippo Cea variety is among the best known Apulian cultivars. It was born in the early 1900s by the agronomist Filippo Cea, from whom it takes its name. Its shape, full and rounded, corresponds to an elegant flavor, with a buttery and balanced finish. Crunchy on the palate, it is one of the most sought after almonds in pastry. Now considered a “superfood” are inevitable in diets. In fact, thanks to the high percentage of unsaturated fatty acids, it helps to increase the sense of satiety. Added to this is the presence of minerals, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, selenium, zinc, and vitamin E and vitamin B.

Territory and tradition of Puglia

 Arcadia Genco almonds variety are organic and have a slightly larger size than the Filippo Cea. They are full in shape, crunchy and fragrant. Characterized by an intense taste, they are recommended to be eaten as a snack, for the preparation of sweets, nougats, vegetable drinks, savory recipes and liqueurs. The strong taste is combined with the pleasantly bitter aftertaste, typical of the variety, which is round on the palate, balanced and very persistent.

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