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The Peeled almonds. an ancient fruit that is always current

The peeled almonds are the result of careful craftsmanship. After being selected, they are subjected to the action of steam and boiling water and then gently peeled. Our almonds are sweet, have notes of milk and slightly of fresh grass when raw. Their full and balanced flavor goes perfectly with many foods. They are ideal for preparing flours, traditional sweets and for use in savory recipes.

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how to use peeled almonds in recipes

The peeled almonds of Puglia of the Filippo Cea variety are distinguished from the others by their intense and sweet, buttery flavor, the notes of milk and vaguely of fresh grass. Their taste, on the whole very balanced, goes perfectly with many foods. This type of almond is used above all in pastry to make delicacies such as nougat and traditional biscuits based on this seed. In reality, the use of almonds in cooking has no limits. They are ideal for preparing flours, cakes and biscuits, traditional Italian sweets, such as marzipan and amaretti, and to be used in savory recipes such as chicken with almonds or pesto. Given the high quality of this product, we advise you to use these almonds to prepare almond milk, a sweet and thirst-quenching drink suitable for those who are following a vegan diet or are lactose intolerant, and an excellent alternative to milk of origin. animal. You can discover many recipes to make in our cookbook.

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Arcadia’s goal is to enhance regional cultivars such as Genco and Filippo Cea. The native Filippo Cea cultivar is among the best known in the world for its goodness. Originally from the Toritto area, this almond takes its name from its agronomist who, in the early 1900s, experimenting with a series of grafts, creates this variety which, thanks to the pedo-climatic conditions of the soil, develops in a particular way in Puglia. Its quality has been recognized by Slow Food, obtaining the Presidium, according to the lines of MIPAAF it is recognized as a traditional Italian product in all respects by including it in the national list of traditional agri-food products such as Almond of Toritto.

The product line includes shelled almonds, shelled almonds, peeled almonds and salted toasted almonds.

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