Organic farming of almonds
as a lifestyle

Our organic almonds are grown in Puglia, near Manfredonia, on areas suited to organic farming and which we try to keep uncontaminated with commitment and constancy thanks to the exclusive use of natural fertilizers and, to defend the crops from parasites, the use of always natural vegetable, mineral or animal substances.

As the word itself says, “Biological” means “science of life”. The term comes from the Greek words bios, which means life, and logos, which means understanding. Organic, therefore it is what follows the logic of life, and in this sense, respects and follows the cycle of nature.

Opting for organic farming is perhaps a less easy road, which for us at Arcadia reflects a lifestyle. The choice to adhere to a type of cultivation that respects nature and human health was in ethics, a form of respect for all our consumers. A preference that concerns not only “eating organic” but also “living organic“. In fact, our almond groves produce fruits in full harmony with the environment and we value the regional native varieties that cannot be reproduced in other places, respecting the biodiversity of the place.

Why buy
organic almonds

They do not contain residues of chemical compounds and traces of GMO products

They respect the natural cycles of the soils and support biodiversity

Almonds richer in flavour, with an authentic and genuine taste

Sustainability, safety and
taste of organic almonds

Obtaining the certificate in compliance with the European organic regulation and the EU quality system represents for us at Arcadia not a point of arrival but a starting point. Thanks to our products we are part of a “different” vision compared to common eating habits, a concept that needs to be “cultivated”. The importance of knowing where our products come from and where they have been treated allows us to understand the quality and safety of what we are ingesting and helps to establish informed purchasing choices.

On our products, you will find the European organic recognition logo, the famous leaf on a green background formed by white stars.

The production of Arcadia organic almonds is limited, we don’t have the idea of an intensive production, but we make and sell directly to the consumer what the plant produces in its seasonal cycle. Also due to these characteristics, the organic almonds are immediately packaged in eco-sustainable and recyclable packaging, suitable for guaranteeing maximum freshness.

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