The Arcadia project is our most stimulating challenge, that of going against a world that supports profit as the only form of success. Through these trees we can demonstrate that the passion for nature, dedication to work and the desire to do things with art can make even a small almond a great masterpiece

GianNI e Maria Pia

Why we choose to grow

Arcadia is the farm that has been producing 100% Italian almonds since 2018. To create this new company are Gianni and Maria Pia, young farmers with a visionary project. For them, safeguarding biodiversity, safeguarding health and preserving rural culture are part of a project destined to grow. From a few almond trees today Arcadia boasts a good number of plants all belonging to the traditional cultivars of Puglia: Genco, Filippo Cea and Fra Giulio. The almond fields of Arcadia are cultivated according to the principles of organic farming, with the aim of creating an eco-sustainable company. 

In line with our philosophy we have chosen a packaging that allows the best preservation of the almond. The materials and the zip closure best guarantee the freshness of the product.

arcadia mandandorle italiane raccolta

The right amount
for better quality

raccolta delle mandorle arcadia

The almonds are harvested between the months of August and September, from the first light of the morning, respecting the rhythms and cycles of nature. 

This is one of the most important moments for Arcadia, the result of months of intense work. The company vision is focused on the production of limited quantities of fruit, to safeguard the high quality of the product, and on the respect and enhancement of the workforce employed. Our almond orchard rises along the route that connects Foggia to Manfredonia, at the foot of the Gargano, a very particular area of ​​the Apulian territory, enriched by sea winds and characterized by rocky soils: all elements that contribute to paint the ideal environment for the cultivation of almond tree. The almond trees in bloom, perfectly aligned and united in a harmonious elegance, make the almond grove a mystical place, suspended between dream and reality: walking among its rows awakens sensations and scents infinitely distant from the city world and transport the mind away in the space and time. After flowering, the plants are subject to meticulous care until the end of August. This is the moment in which the almonds bloom again, through the opening of the husk, and call you to the harvest: an important and delicate moment through which only the best fruits are selected. Once the nets have been placed, the almonds are dropped and picked by hand to start hulling.

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