Shelled Almonds

The shelled almonds. A source of pure energy

The shelled almonds are an important source of nutrients in fact the brown “skin” that covers the almond fruit contains a large amount of antioxidants such as flavonoids. The latter are well known because they inhibit the accumulation of cholesterol. Furthermore, according to recent scientific studies conducted by well-known world universities, when the almond is eaten with the skin it helps to increase the amount of vitamin E in the body. In addition, the fiber of which the skin is rich plays an important prebiotic action against the “good” microflora of our intestine.

arcadia mandorle pugliesi


The Italian shelled almonds of Arcadia are grown in Puglia according to organic farming methods with the aim of enhancing native cultivars such as Filippo Cea and Genco. Preserved in the practical open and close package that allows you to maintain the freshness of the product for a long time, they have an authentic and genuine taste. Highly energetic, they are the ideal ingredient to prepare breakfast or snacks with muesli or to be consumed as a healthy snack during your children’s school recess combined with a small piece of dark chocolate. Their unique flavor also lends itself to enrich salads or to prepare traditional sweets, such as sugar-coated almonds.

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