Peeled Almonds Filippo Cea 500 g


Filippo Cea peeled almonds are a real delight. Ideal as a snack or for breakfast, they are an excellent source of energy. Crunchy and with a large caliber, it is recognized for its buttery finish. The resealable package allows you to keep the freshness and their flavor unaltered.



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Filippo Cea Arcadia peeled almonds are grown in Puglia, on a route that connects Foggia to Manfredonia, at the foot of the Gargano. The native Filippo Cea cultivar is among the best known in the world for its goodness. Originally from the Toritto area, today this variety is grown throughout the region. Its quality has been recognized by Slow Food, obtaining the Presidium. Its notoriety is due to its sweet and well balanced taste, soon becoming the most sought after almond for the preparation of pastry products and almond milk.


Puglia is known for the rich presence of almond trees because it is able to adapt well to even the driest areas. In particular, this area enjoys an excellent climate, thanks to the sea winds, and the sun exposure that never fails but is not excessive. Wonderful to look at especially during the flowering period, our almond trees are grown according to the principles of organic farming with the aim of creating an eco-sustainable company.


Arcadia’s goal is to enhance regional cultivars such as Genco and Filippo Cea. Limited quantities of fruit are produced, to safeguard the high quality of the product, and to respect and enhance the workforce employed. The almonds are harvested between the months of August and September, from the first light of the morning, respecting the rhythms and cycles of nature.

In line with this philosophy, a packaging was chosen that allows the best conservation of the almond. The materials and the zip closure best guarantee the freshness of the product.

The product line includes shelled almonds, shelled almonds, peeled almonds and salted toasted almonds.


Almonds are oil seeds rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. They are a precious source of energy, which is why, in moderate quantities, they are often introduced in diets. They are rich in oleic and linoleic acids, and are essential for maintaining a balanced diet. Furthermore, the Filippo Cea almond in particular is rich in tocopherol, an important component of vitamin E which slows down the oxidation processes of unsaturated fatty acids, hindering the aging processes.

Thanks to all these important properties, almonds are ideal for those on a diet free of meat and dairy products, and presents itself as a valid alternative to soy.

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